Connecting to the Server


  1. Enabling the Windows telnet client

  2. Unless you're using Windows XP or older, your built-in telnet client is likely not enabled by default.
    To enable it, first open the Control Panel by searching for "Control Panel" in the Start menu. Second, navigate to "Programs and Features" (or simply "Programs") and select "Turn Windows Features on or Off."

    Windows Control Panel, Programs and Features Windows Control Panel, Turn Windows Features on or Off

    From there, check "Telnet Client" in the list, and let Windows apply the change.

    Enable the Telnet Client
  3. Launching the client

  4. Search for "cmd" in the Start menu, and open cmd.exe.
    In the terminal winddow, type "telnet" and hit enter, to start the telnet client. In the client, type "o nethack.zacharymwyatt.com" and hit enter, to open a connection to the Nethack server.

    Opening cmd.exe Starting the telnet client

    You should see a screen like the one below.

    Nethack server login screen
  5. Register or log in to play!